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Bad vs Wild Las Vegas is The Zeus Network’s popular TV series that shows lightning competitions and tug-of-war between outrageous females. Here, Bad Girls faces the Wild Games. The first season of Bad vs Wild Las Vegas has ten epsiodes and it was released on March 3, 2024. The complete war campaign was shooted in Las Vegas and produced by Nick Cannon.


The Zeus Network has released Season 1 of Bad vs Wild Las Vegas comprising 10 episodes.

Bad vs Wild Las Vegas Episode 10: Baddies Vs Joseline’s Cabaret Rematch

Now, it’s time for a rematch between the two popular girls. Natalie Nunn faces Joseline Hernadez for the second time with a live performance featured by YG. The game was rope pulling where Joseline faced the loss. At the end of all games, Baddies won the game.

Bad vs Wild Las Vegas Episode 9: Talls Vs Smalls

In this episode, the bad team is led by Ms. Jiucy and the wild team is led by Anne Morre. In addition, Lil Duval played a live performance. This is one of the funniest episodes of Bad vs Wild game shows.

Bad vs Wild Las Vegas Episode 8: Chance Season 1 vs. Season 2

The Zeus Network brings the game to a new realm as this episode is ruled by season 11 and season two girls. In the end, the black girls ruled out the victory. At the end of the game, Yodela and Yummy get the top place with more points.

Bad vs Wild Las Vegas Episode 7: Battle of Goddesses

The game is heated up again with a clash between light and dark-skinned girls. The game is gripping a pipe between two team girls in their mouths. Sukhi played a double role as she charged with the captain role for this episode.

Bad vs Wild Las Vegas Episode 6: Thick and Thin

Here, slim girls from a team have to face the fat girls from the opposite team. Surprisingly, Rollie who has transformed her body recently, is pushed to face her former friend Slim and her team members. This episode featured with live performance by Big Boss Vette.

Bad vs Wild Las Vegas Episode 5: Baddies vs. BGC

Most expected Natalie Nunn to return to the show. She took Meghan James and the bad girls in the challenging game. As a special event, French Montana played a live performance in this baddies vs, BGC episode.

Bad vs Wild Las Vegas Episode 4: Natural vs. Enhanced

The game conducted in this episode is called What Your Mama Gave ‘Ya vs Shake What the Doctor Made ‘Ya. Here the girls with natural bodies faced the girls who reshaped their bodies by the doctor.

Bad vs Wild Las Vegas Episode 3: Alter Egos

This is one of the craziest episodes. Here both the bad girls and wild girls’ teams are led by two captains. Saucy Santana played a live performance in this episode.

Bad vs Wild Las Vegas Episode 2: Momma Said Knock You Out

In episode 2 we are here with two contestants. Karlissa and Tokyo Toni are from the two sides representing their teams. The game is twerking and musical chairs. Unfortunately, this game also ended up in a fight.

Bad vs Wild Las Vegas Episode 1: Baddies vs Cabaret

The team contestant Captains were introduced and were shown their popularity on social media. Now, the game began and both the girl’s teams started performing in their own way. When the official came out with the result, both teams started clashing and ended up in a fight.


  • Natalie Nunn
  • Joseline Hernandez
  • Sidney Starr
  • Ballistic Beats
  • Neeandra Brooks
  • Scotlynd Ryan
  • Nick Cannon
  • Tiddany Walker


Season 1Episode TitleRelease Date
Episode 1Baddies vs CabaretMarch 3, 2024
Episode 2Momma Said Knock You OutMarch 10, 2024
Episode 3Alter EgosMarch 17, 2024
Episode 4Natural vs. EnhancedMarch 24, 2024
Episode 5Baddies vs. BGCMarch 31, 2024
Episode 6Thick and ThinApril 7, 2024
Episode 7Battle of GoddessesApril 14, 2024
Episode 8Chance Season 1 vs. Season 2April 21, 2024
Episode 9Talls Vs SmallsApril 28, 2024
Episode 10Baddies Vs Joseline’s Cabaret RematchMay 5, 2024

How to Watch Bad vs Wild Las Vegas on The Zeus Network

You can watch Bad vs Wild Las Vegas only on The Zeus Network which is the official streaming platform. The subscription costs is $5.99/month.

  • Launch a browser on your device and navigate to The Zeus Network’s official website.
  • Once it loads the page, locate and click on the SUBSCRIBE button.
  • Now, you will be taken to the purchase page.
  • There, select The Zeus Network monthly or annual plan.
  • Next, enter your Email & password and click on the I Agree box.
  • Then, provide the card details, country, and Promo code.
  • Finally, hit the Start Subscription button.
  • Thus, you can now search for Bad vs Wild challenging games and start watching the show.
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Supported Devices

The Zeus Network is supported on most devices. However, the below table proves it.

Apple TV
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How to Watch Bad vs Wild Las Vegas From Anywhere

Woefully, the Bad vs Wild shows and episodes are live only on the US servers. Also, The Zeus Network that streams this show is currently within the US IP ranges. But it does not mean that users from other regions cannot access this show. Alternatively, you can use a strong and secure VPN to eliminate the geo-blocking factor. We recommend these VPNs are they are more reliable and offer secure servers.

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN
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