Where To Watch Transforming Rollie Season 1 Online

Watch all the episodes of Transforming Rollie season 1 on The Zeus Network.


Transforming Rollie is an amazing documentary series about the fat girl Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz, aka Rollie. She has been a part of the Baddies show. This series has four episodes and talks about the journey of cutting down the excessive fats accumulated on Rollie’s body using a knife. Watch all the episodes of this weight-losing documentary series on Zeus Network.


Get to know the list of episodes released with their short description.

Transforming Rollie Episode 4: Go, Girl, Go

The final episode of Transforming Rollie is Go, Girl, Go, which tells about the celebration and party of Rollie regarding the success of her plastic surgery. So performances a dance off show as she embarks on joy and is overwhelmed with happiness in seeing her body at less fat.

Transforming Rollie Episode 3: Botch Please

Rollie gets her diet plan from a certified dietician to progress her weight loss in terms of food. She loses her patience in the pain of getting eyed under the scissors and knives, which pushes her satisfaction level to go down.

Transforming Rollie Episode 2: No Pain, No Drain

In the episode of Transforming Rollie, she gets into pain as she is going through the surgical phase where the threads and scissors are being pierced into her body. She cries out in pain seeking help. Now, the masseuse who comforts her muscles comes to her to reveal the truth about the progress.

Transforming Rollie Episode 1: Still Rollie

Rollie gets introduced into the reality TV show. She sums up her physical health to the surgical expert and explains her existing issues in the body. Considering her health the surgical expert moved forward to perform the plastic surgery on Rollie. From now the New Girl Era has started as BBW is getting reduced by undergoing plastic surgery.

Transforming Rollie


  • Rollie
  • Gia Mayhem
  • Natalie Nunn


Episodes – Season 1Episode TitleEpisode Release Date
1Still RollieApril 21, 2021
2No Pain, No DrainApril 28, 2024
3Botch PleaseMay 5, 2024
4Go, Girl, GoMay 12, 2024

How to Watch Transforming Rollie on The Zeus Network

Fortunately, you can watch a full episode of the Transforming Rollie at The Zeus Network medium. All you need to have a Zeus subscription plan. The basic plan for The Zeus Network starts at $ 5.99 a month. If you aren’t aware of the signing steps for The Zeus Network, then follow them.

  • With a browser launched on your device, open The Zeus Network website.
  • Once you get into the website, locate the SUBSCRIBE option.
  • Then, click on it, and now you will directed to the subscription & purchase page.
  • Select a monthly plan or annual plan based on your convenience.
  • Then, provide your valid Email & password and check the Agree button.
  • Following that, fill in your card details precisely and enter the Promo code.
  • Finally, click on the Start Subscription button. That’s it. You will now land on the page, where you can open and play the transformation show.

Supported Devices

You can watch the Transforming Rollie Season 1 through The Zeus Network on the below-given devices.

DeviceZeus Compatibility
Apple TV
Android TV
Fire TV
Samsung Smart TV

How to Watch Transforming Rollie From Anywhere

Basically, the Transforming Rollie originated from the United States and the steaming platform The Zeus Network offers services within the US IP servers. So, users longing to telecast the show outside the US can access both the Transforming Rollie and The Zeus Network by using a premium VPN. There may be many VPNs around the globe, but we suggest two VPN services that can bypass the geo-restriction and provide access to US servers.

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN
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