Where To Watch Baddies Caribbean Episodes Online

Baddies Caribbean is the latest TV series airing on Zeus Network.


Baddies Caribbean is the fifth season of the series, which is telecasted on Zeus Network. The Baddies Season 5 audition tapes were released in three parts, along with three main episodes. Like previous seasons, this new series features women from all over the place who must prove to others that they are the next baddy. The main episodes were filmed throughout the Caribbean subregions of the Americas.


Here is the episode list and description of Baddies Season 5.

Baddies Caribbean Episode 10: Eviction Notice

The tenth episode shows the last night in Puerto Rico. The situation surrounding the contestants confirms few of them won’t make it to the D.R.

Baddies Caribbean Episode 9: Unfriended

The final episode was released on June 30, 2024. As Mariahlynn and Asian Doll continue their beef, Bianca’s involvement comes into focus.

Baddies Caribbean Episode 8: We Outside…Fighting

The Baddies ride ATV’s through Puerto Rico.

Baddies Caribbean Episode 7: Welcome to Puerto Rico

The Baddies leave Barbados behind, but make sure to bring the drama with them.

Baddies Caribbean Episode 6: Last Night in Barbados

Episode 6 was streamed on June 9, 2024. It is all about their last night in Barbados, the Baddies head to the mountaintop to clear the air and each other.

Baddies Caribbean Episode 5: Drowned You

The fifth episode of the show revolves around Natalie, Tommie and Jela.

Baddies Caribbean Episode 4: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

The newcomers and replacements get everything straight with an all-out battle with each other. Their fight on Barbados beach attracts lots of unwanted attention.

Baddies Caribbean Episode 3: Don’t Get Too Comfortable

The baddies have finally arrived in Barbados, and they turned the house into Battle Royale. With lots of fighting and partying, the baddies threw up a great show.

Baddies Caribbean Episode 2: Flew’d Out

Baddies continue their journey to Barbados after their chaotic welcome dinner. The place they stayed in and the things they showed in the episode really got the audience’s attention.

Baddies Caribbean Episode 1: We Outside Tonight

Participants are eager to face one another. Before they took off to the Caribbean, baddies gathered up in Miami and immediately started to set boundaries. The fight between the contestants fueled the audience’s interest in watching.


  • Natalie Nunn
  • Jelaminah Lanier
  • Goldie Martin
  • Scotlynd Ryan
  • Damerlin Baez
  • Latifa Malone
  • Mariahlynn Araujo
  • Anyssa
  • Santiago
  • Kendra Blaze
  • Destiny
  • Henderson
  • Misharron Allen
  • Bianca
  • Dupree
  • Johnece Miller
  • Dayjia Blackwell
  • Diamond The Body
  • Tatyana
  • Williams
  • Big Slim
  • Dia
  • Gretchen
  • Big Keva
  • Shameika Ford
  • Dollie Monroe
  • Heaven Marina
  • Lajerrika Welch
  • Jelly Bean


EpisodesEpisode TitleEpisode Release Date
SP101Auditions Part 1March 3, 2024
SP102Auditions Part 2March 10, 2024
S103Auditions Part 3March 17, 2024
1We Outside TonightMay 5, 2024
2Flew’d OutMay 12, 2024
3Don’t Get Too ComfortableMay 19, 2024
4Let’s Get Ready To RumbleMay 26, 2024
5Drowned YouJune 2, 2024
6Last Night in BarbadosJune 9, 2024
7Welcome to Puerto RicoJune 16, 2024
8We Outside…FightingJune 23, 2024
9UnfriendedJune 30, 2024
10Eviction NoticeJuly 7, 2024

How To Watch Baddies Caribbean On The Zeus Network

Baddies Caribbean is only available on the Zeus Network. Unfortunately for the fans, Zeus doesn’t offer any free trial, so you have to buy a subscription plan of ($5.99/Monthly) or ($55.99/Annually) to watch this Baddies TV series.

  • Head to the official website of The Zeus Network.
  • Click on the Subscribe option in the top right corner.
  • On the left, choose the subscription plan you want (Annual or Monthly).
  • On the right, enter your email address and create a password for your Zeus Network account.
  • Under Payment details, enter your card details and click Start Subscription.
  • Now, search for the Baddies Caribbean or Baddies Season 5 TV series and start streaming.

Not only Baddies Season 5 with a Zeus Network Subscription, but you can also watch Baddies ATL, Badies South, and Baddies East series.

Baddies Baribbean Series Poster

Supported Devices

The Zeus Network app is supported on the following devices, which you can use to watch Baddies Caribbean.

Apple iPhones & iPads
Android Smartphones and Tablets
Apple TV
Android Smart TV
Google Chromecast
Fire TV
Roku TV

How To Watch Baddies Caribbean From Anywhere

Baddies series and Zeus Network are only available in the US region. If you do not belong to this region, you want to use a VPN service to watch this series online. When you use the VPN, make sure that you are connected to a US server, which provides you access to Zeus Network and its TV series. There are two reliable and secure VPN services you can use to watch any content that is blocked in your geolocation.

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