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Watch the third season of Baddies on The Zeus Network.


Baddies West is a popular Zeus original series where Natalie Nunn makes a surprise return to the show with a bang of girls to perform and host. The Baddies West is officially known as the season 3 of Baddies, which was released in 2023. This show covers relationships and the personal lives of bad and wild girls. Undoubtedly, Natalie Nunn is the executive producer of the Baddies West show. The show is heated up with a contemporary test conducted to examine the patience and friendship of Baddies.

How to Watch Baddies West on The Zeus Network

The 14 episodes of Baddies West are exclusively available on The Zeus Network. Since it is a paid streaming platform, users have to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan to access the Baddies West shows. If you haven’t subscribed yet, follow the upcoming steps.

  • Open any fast browser on your device and visit The Zeus Network’s official website.
  • Once the browser loads the Zeus website, move to the top right corner and tap on the SUBSCRIBE button.
  • Then, select a plan based on your requirements.
  • Now, on the right portion, fill in your Email and Password details. Also, Agree with the term box given there.
  • Come down and provide the appropriate card details.
  • Finally, click on the Start Subscription button to complete the payment.
  • Following the payment, you can start watching the Baddies show seamlessly.
Baddies West TV Series


Zeus Entertainment’s Baddies West show has 14 episodes with many twists and turns.

EpisodesEpisode TitleDescriptionRelease Date
1The Wild Wild WestThe show starts with the entry of Natalie and their Baddies girls. Following the entry, they dropped a jaw-dropping promo to begin the new Baddies era.Janunary 22, 2023
2Welcome to LAAfter the promo, the Baddies girls started their journey towards Los Angeles. The baddie’s house in Los Angeles was now filled with tensions. January 29, 2023
3Stunna vs EverybodyWhat the hell happened? Stunna starts the argument with an annoying noise and turns out to be fighting against the whole house.February 5, 2023
4What Happens in VegasThe girls at the Baddies house now took on a short ride together in a bus. Also, their bond on the bus seems amazing. But the Razzer seems to be irritating.February 12, 2023
5Stranger In The HouseThe executive producer Natalie Nunn had come up with a decision. She has planned to start a general talk between Stunna and Tommie. But Razzer and Scotty started fighting.February 19, 2023
6Here Comes The Bad LuckThe bullying between the girls starts increasing, and Stunna disrespects the fellows. But somehow, the Baddies make sure that these silly issues do not drop down the business.February 26, 2023
7Who’s Bad?The baddies are here up for an amazing dinner. Wait, this supper turns out to be an end in a fight. The girls show their attitude, which makes it seem like a bad supper.March 5, 2023
8I’m The Special GuestOh no, the problem is blowing into a nasty disaster. The girls take on each other with harsh words in grabbing bags for their dresses.March 12, 2023
9A Bad SupperThe baddies are here up for an amazing dinner. Wait, this supper turns out to be an end in a fight. The girls show their attitude which makes it a bad supper.March 19, 2023
10Messy BestieNatalie started to act wild while traveling on the bus. She just hit her friend Scotty. March 26, 2023
11Baddie MissingAfter the fights are turned down, Natalie and Scotty meet personally to solve their issues.April 2, 2023
12Back to the BayCome on, the girls are now back in the bay area of the Baddie house, but the fight still goes on.April 9, 2023
13Tear the Club UpThe girls are back to the things. Now, they become active and get things done within the bay.April 16, 2023
14From the Bay to the IslandsThe girls are now heading towards St. Croix after messing up with each other in Oakland.April 23, 2023


  • Natalie Nunn
  • Scotlynd Ryan
  • Stunna Girl
  • Tommie Lee
  • Janeisha John
  • Catya Washington
  • Razor

Supported Devices

Since The Zeus Network is a well-known platform, it is available to access on most smart devices. Read the table to learn about the supported devices.

Android TV
Apple TV
Fire TV
Samsung Smart TV

How to Watch Baddies West From Anywhere

The Zeus Network and the content available on the network are accessible only inside the US. Users residing outside the US need a VPN on their device to sign up and watch the shows available on the Zeus Network platform. For a secure streaming experience, we recommend you install and set up NordVPN on your device.

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