Where To Watch Baddies East Episodes Online

Baddies East is filmed throughout the Eastern part of the US.


Baddies East from The Zeus Network is the fourth season of the Baddies series. Natalie Nunn, the same executive producer, stars in the show. Rollie, Sukihana, Sky, and some old Baddies mates were also featured in Baddies East.

How to Watch Baddies East on The Zeus Network

While coming to the viewing platform, users can access all episodes of Baddies East through the Zeus Network platform. all you need to have a The Zeus Network. The basic plan starts at $5.99/month, which you can get from their official website. If you are struggling to sign up, then keenly surf through the upcoming steps.

  • Pick your device and launch the browser.
  • Open The Zeus Network official website and hit the SUBSCRIBE button after ending into the page.
  • Then, select a plan based on comfort.
  • Now type your Email & its Password and, followed by check the I Agree box.
  • Next, you have to enter your card details.
  • At last, click on the Start Subscription button to start accessing Baddie’s fourth season shows. Furthermore, you can also watch Baddies West and Baddies East Reunion shows using The Zeus Network subscription.


The Baddies East is now live with 20 episodes with unique tasks and entertainment.

EpisodeEpisode TitleDescriptionRelease Date
1Bad in D.CThe Baddies and their girls are now housed on the East Coast. The girls are looking the same as seen on Baddies West. September 17, 2023
2No PromoAs per schedule, it’s time for promo. As planned Natalie Nunn features the promo, but after a fight between girls while having food.September 24, 2023
3Meet Me OutsideThe girls are out for the first time at night in D.C. They board a bus and the travel lightens up.October 1, 2023
4Greener GrassIt’s time for the grass to play a supporting role. The girls take on each other on grass grass-filled floor with bare hands. But Tesehki took it as the right time to speak out her issues.October 8, 2023
5We Gon’ EatWhen Tesehki spoke, the girls started messing up. The girls squashed each and Tesehki got her punch. In the end, other girls started addressing their issues.October 15, 2023
6On to the EastYeah, now the bus is filled is Baddie’s demons. They prepare their things and are journeying towards the Philly. October 22, 2023
7Go-Kart Road RageAfter reaching Philly, the girls are out for a day. They moved allonged the streets and explored it. As usual, they started fighting and broke down with each other on the road. October 29, 2023
8Someone Came with BaggageWow, a surprise to the Baddie’s house. Niggie returns with a bag to join the Baddies’ party.November 5, 2023
9Baddies And A Hot BoyThe Baddies start a party with the mic and Bobby joins the girls on that night.November 12, 2023
10The Chain GangThe girls are gathered up. But wait, the four girls are separately discussing setting the featuring kinds of beef for them. November 19, 2023
11Time to Bite The AppleNow, the girls started games. They have to bite the Apple harder to grab it from their opponent. After an immersive gameplay, the girls are back in NYC with beef. November 26, 2023
12National Forgiveness DayRemembering National Forgiveness Day, the girls at the Baddie’s house decided to forget their past and fight between them. But still, things remain unforgiven.December 3, 2023
13EVICTION DAYThe shows have reached its peak. The girls gathered at a place. Now, Rollie opens her mouth to ban some fellows from the baddie’s house.December 10, 2023
14Time for a SwimNatalie makes a loud call to her Baddie girls. The girls are now marching towards the swimming pool to indulge themselves in the party.December 17, 2023
15Harlem NightsAfter a successful pool party, the Baddies are happy and are ready to celebrate their success. The girls now had a good supper at Harlem.December 24, 2023
16Jamaica Me CrazyCompleting the party, the Baddies and their girls are shifting to Jamaica. Oh no, the medical emergency team arrives to look after Smiley.January 7, 2024
17Hangry FriendsNow, it’s time for a happy dinner in Jamaica. Wait, the dinner does not go on smoothly. the girls started blushing and Natalie started fighting her friends.January 14, 2024
18You Gotta Handle HerThe fights prolong and the girls seem not to leave. Suki fights Rollie and Scrface, making the Sapphire and Suki move out.January 2, 2024
19Up Shitz CreekYeah, the Baddies girls are going rafting in Jamaica. But, all of a sudden Mariahlynn, Suki, and Sapphire started messing and turned the raft tour weird.January 28, 2024
20One LoveThe Baddies girl’s shows and actions are coming to an end. It’s time for farewell. The girls are ready to take in farewell at Marley estate.February 24, 2024
Baddies East


  • Natalie Nunn
  • Rollie
  • Camilla
  • Biggie
  • Sky
  • Tee
  • Chrisean Rock
  • Scotty
  • Siya
  • Mariah Lynn
  • Suki
  • Tesehki
  • Scarface
  • Smiley
  • Ahna Mac
  • Sapphire
  • Stunna Girl
  • Woah Vicky
  • DJ Sky
  • Marsh
  • Janet

Supported Devices

Thankfully, The Zeus Network can be accessed on most popular operating systems and devices. Indeed, we have tabulated the supported devices.

Apple TV
Fire TV
Android TV
Samsung Smart TV

How to Watch Baddies East From Anywhere

When considering the availability of the Baddies East and The Zeus Network, the Baddies shows are restricted within the US regions. So, to access the Baddies and The Zeus Network from other regions, you must have connected your device to a US server. Hence, to make it possible use NordVPN which is safe and fast in loading US servers.

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