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Catherine Kassenoff is a mother of three who had accused the husband of abusing the kids however new reports show that SHE was the real abuser.


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Catherine Kassenoff is a litigator who committed suicide to torment her ex-husband and their daughters. She killed herself at the Swiss clinic after she lost a custody battle with her ex-husband. Catherine released a long Facebook post saying that she was taking her own life and accused her husband of abusing their daughters.

However, after hearing from the witness, it is proved that she is the one who abused their daughters. The children’s nanny confirmed that she tortured her adopted daughter by dripping water on her head all day so she couldn’t sleep. The former nannies also confirmed that they found nail marks on the adopted daughter’s back, and they took her to see the doctor.

Did You Know?

  • Catherine also posted a video of Allan to paint him as a bad father.
  • To the press, Allan said that his ex-is still torturing him and his daughter by taking her own life.
  • He also said that he couldn’t believe that her wife had taken her own life even after he received her death certificate.
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