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Rebecca Joynes is a teacher who r*ped two school boys and had a child with one of them.


Rebecca Joynes

Rebecca Joynes is a teacher from Manchester. She trapped many 15-year-old boys and had a child with one of them. She was arrested and found guilty of having physical activity with a child in Manchester. According to reports, Joynes was jailed for more than 6 and a half years.

She flirts with students by messaging them through Snapchat and makes them agree to meet her in secret. Rebecca Joynes was in a relationship with two boys (Boy 1 and Boy 2). As per the reports, Joynes and Boy 1 have slept together and she presented him with a £350 worth of Gucci belt. The CCTV footage was submitted to the court.

While she was out on bail for r*ping one of the boys, she slept with another boy (Boy 2) whose child she gave birth to. She gave birth to the boy in early 2024. Boy 2’s impact statement was read in court where he said “I was coerced, controlled, manipulated, s**ually abused… was a very dark time. I felt backed into a corner. I had just lived a double life for 18 months behind my family’s back. This had a massive mental toll over me and my family. It tore my family apart, they struggled to come to terms with the fact they sent me to school, where they believed it to be a safe environment, and this happened as a result.”

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