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Raychel Sheridan was the victim of a mu*der by 26-year-old Sean Geo.


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Raychel Sheridan is a 24-year-old woman from Stark County, Ohio. A city worker found Raychel’s body in the Southwest area of Canton. Her live-in boyfriend Sean Geo was taken into custody.

Raychel was reported to be missing by her mother and she requested the police for a welfare check. When the cops visited her apartment, the front door was open and they saw signs of struggle, suspicious police requested a search warrant and found that Raychel was murdered by her boyfriend. He was arrested on July 3, 2024, at a homeless shelter in Canton. Sean Goe has outstanding warrants for burglary, grand theft of firearms, several misdemeanours, and domestic violence charges.

Did You Know?

  • The police spotted Sean driving his car, and when they pursued him he fled on foot into a dense forest area.
  • Deputies chased him with the K9 unit but lost him.
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