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Nandini Ganguly is a famous youtuber who is popularly known as Smart Didi.


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Nandini Ganguly, popularly known as Smart Didi, is an entrepreneur and YouTuber who became famous for serving food with style in her pice hotel. After finishing her degree in fashion design, she worked for a private company in Gujarat. She then moved back to her hometown during Covid-19. Nandini has started her own restaurant, Nandiny DI’R Hessel, and it is now one of the famous Pice Hotels in Kolkata.

Did You Know?

  • Nandini is known for serving food with a smile on her face on all her YouTube videos.
  • In an interview, Nandini said one day, a YouTuber came to our restaurant, took a video of me, and uploaded it to YouTube. After it went viral, at least 30 YouTubers came every day to film me at my workplace. This got huge attention from the public, and her hotel is now one of the hotspots in Kolkata.
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