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Max Gawn is a Australian Rules Footballer who plays for Melbourne Footbal Club.


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Max Gawn is an Australian Football player who is the member of Melbourne Football Club. He plays in both ruck and forward line positions. He was the thirty-fourth selection for the Melbourne Club in the 2009 AFL draft. In July 2024, he got his fibula broken during his match against West Coast on Sunday. Max’s return to the game within a week of his injury made the headlines in the news.

Did You Know?

  • Max’s father was a former rugby representative player from South Island.
  • Following his father’s guidance Max played rugby union for Powerhouse RUFC in Under-10s.
  • He also played basketball as a junior.
  • Max kept Australian Rules Football as his number one sport and played for several clubs like Ormond Football Club, Sandringham Dragons, and many more.

Honours And Achievements


  • 2021 – AFL premiership player (Melbourne)
  • 2021 – McClelland Trophy (Melbourne)


  • 2021 – AFL premiership captain
  • 2024 – Frank ‘Checker’ Hughes Medal
  • 2020 – Melbourne Captain
  • 2018 – AFLCA Champion Player of the Year Award
  • 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 (c), 2022 – 6 X All-Australian Team
  • 2018, 2019 – 2 X Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Trophy
  • 2016 – Neal Daniher Trophy


Max Gawn with his team
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