FlixFox App (2024): How It Offers Movies, TV Shows, & Cricket For Free

FlixFox is an illegal and a unsafe platform to watch movies and TV shows.


FlixFox is an unlawful movie streaming application that has a wide range of entertainment content. The backends behind the FlixFox app steal the show from a legal streaming platform and publish those movies on their application. Since it offers copyrighted content, the app cannot be found on the official app stores. However, the apk is available on Google, where users download the app directly. If you come across FlixFox, then it is better to know about those resources before accessing them. Hence, the upcoming sections will expose everything about FlixFox.

What is FlixFox and its Features

As mentioned above, it is an unofficial app with tons of pirated movies, TV shows, and cricket matches. Moreover, it offers premium content for free of cost but pushes ads instead of money. It has a few features that have attracted users who want to stream for free.

  • The library is filled with the latest released as well as retro shows.
  • The ratings and genre of the shows are given in the title description.
  • It has a separate tab for movies and TV shows.
  • The library has 100,000 plus movies alone.
  • It telecasts live cricket matches and live scores.
  • The desired shows can located easily using the search tool.

How to Access Shows on FlixFox

The steps to access the shows from the FlixFox website are simple. However, being simple does not make the platform safe. Directing to this website can be harmful to your device, so watching shows from this website is at your own risk.

FlixFox Movies
  • After launching the browser, go to the FlixFox website.
  • Once you enter into the page, you can see tabs like Home, Movies, TV Shows, and Cricket.
  • Choose a tab and select a shows to watch.
  • You will be prompted to download the app.
  • Only after installing the app can you access the shows.

Any websites that offer pirated shows online are illegal and unsafe. In that way, FlixFox is undeniably illegal and unsafe. There is no permanent domain for FlixFlox; since it is an illegal platform, they keep changing the domain to hide from legal action. This proves that FlixFox is an unsafe website. Moreover, these websites are easily prone to third-party intruders like red hat hackers. They would execute the SQL injection on these websites, so when you try to access this website, your device might get corrupted, or you may end up losing your sensitive data.

Considering safety, we have provided 5 legal alternatives to watch Indian movies and TV shows online safely.


Hostar is a popular video streaming platform with a library of 100,000 hours of TV and movie content. It also live-streams sports matches online. With its premium plan for ₹149, you can access all the TV shows and movies safely.


JioCinema is a leading entertainment platform featuring on-demand shows and live shows online. It offers 10,000+ movies and 700+ TV shows online, including paid shows. With its premium subscription, for ₹29, you can unlock premium movies and TV shows.


Netflix is an all-in-one streaming platform with a library enriched with movies, series, TV shows, documentaries, anime, and more. With its basic subscription plan, which ₹149, you can watch movies and TV shows online safely. In addition, you can download the required shows and watch them later.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a well-known streaming platform with on-demand titles, movies, TV shows, and more entertaining shows. It has 26,000+ movies and 2,700+ TV shows. The basic plan (Rs 599) is enough to access the movies and TV shows on this app.


Lastly, ZEE5 is one of the best legal alternatives for watching movies and TV shows safely and freely. It offers 100,000 hours of on-demand titles and live TV shows in huge numbers. It has 4000+ movies and 2300+ plus TV shows. It has both free and premium plans. The premium plan starts from ₹699, using which you can enjoy numerous movies legally.

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