Everything You Need To Know About Netflix’s Atlas (2024)

Jennifer Lopez starrer Atlas is sci-fi action film which is all set to stream on Netflix from May 24, 2024.


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  • Atlas marks the debut space adventure movie for Jennifer Lopez.
  • It is a classic ethical dilemma between AI and Humans that results in a war set on a faraway planet in an unknown galaxy.

Atlas is an upcoming sci-fi action thriller movie directed by Brad Peyton. Jennifer Lopez plays the lead role of Atlas Shepherd in this film. She is joined by Simu Liu, Sterling K Brown, Gregory James Cohan, Abraham Popoola, and Lana Parrilla in the supporting roles. The filming was shot in Los Angeles, California, USA.


Atlas Shepherd is a Data Analyst working for the International Coalition of Nations (ICN) and has deep trust issues with AI. Her father’s breakthrough in AI technology pulled the world into a new era of a dystopian future. Twenty-eight years later, she was assigned a mission to take out her brother, who led the robot revolution. In an accident, she was stranded on a deserted planet GR39; with the production of an enhanced battle armor, she was forced to work with an AI to save the earth and humanity.


The trailers of the film received millions of views on YouTube. The makers promised the audience that Atlas is a blend of drama and futuristic technology that takes the viewers on an exciting journey through the Atlas Shepherd’s eyes.

Release Date

Atlas Netflix Release DateMay 24, 2024
Runtime1 Hour 49 Minutes (Expected)
Censor CertificatePG-13
BudgetYet to be updated
Satellite RightsYet to be updated


  • Jennifer Lopez as Atlas Shepherd
  • Simu Liu as Harlan Shepherd
  • Sterling K Brown as Colonel Elias Banks
  • Gregory James Cohan as Smith | Dhiib Pilot
  • Abraham Popoola as Casca Decius
  • Lana Parrilla as Val Shepherd
  • Mark Strong as General Jake Boothe
  • Briella Guiza as Young Atlas Shepherd
  • Adia Smith-Eriksson as Ranger West
  • Logan Hunt as Ranger Hughes
  • Jared Shimabukuro as Ranger Shindo
  • Ashley J Hicks as Ranger Ora
  • Paul Ganus as Ranger Rodman
  • Zoe Boyle as Zoe
  • Howland Wilson as Tech
  • Justin Walker White as SFS Commander
  • Michelangelo Hyeon as SFS Technician
  • Gloria Cole as ARC Pilot
  • Vaughn Johseph as News Anchor
  • Supreet Bedi as News Anchor
  • Lorraine Tai as News Anchor
  • Greg Mckenzie as News Anchor
  • Harj Dhillon as News Anchor
  • James Millard as British Field Reporter
  • Omar Khan as Indian Field Reporter
  • Lesley Fera as Hard Hitting New Host
  • Tom Knight as ICN Military General
  • Jessica Holmes as Newscaster
  • Samantha Hanratty as Communications Officer


DirectorBrad Peyton
StoryLeo Sardarian, Aron Eli Coleite
MusicAndrew Lockington
DOPJohn Schwartzman
ProducerBrad Peyton, Jeff Fierson, Joby Harold, Tory Tunnell, Jennifer Lopez, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Benny Medina, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter
ProductionASAP Entertainment, Safehouse Pictures, Nuyorican Productions, Berlanti-Schechter Films
Stunt MasterFreddy Bouciegues
Dance ChoreographyYet to be updated


Netflix has bagged the streaming rights for this science fiction thriller movie. It’ll be available online from May 24, 2024.

OTT Release DateMay 24, 2024

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