Dead Boy Detectives Becomes A Must Watch Supernatural Comedy Series On Netflix

Dead Boy Detectives is the spin off the Sandman series with mixed genres and better watchable experience.


Dead Boy Detectives is a Sandman spin-off series streaming in English, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi on the Netflix OTT platform. All eight episodes were released today (April 25) and received rave reviews from fans. However, the series is far from perfect it blends horror, fantasy, supernatural, magic, investigation, and comedy to engage viewers. With its dark and creative storytelling, Dead Boy Detectives has become a must-watch series on Netflix.

It revolves around two young detectives from St. Hilarion’s School solving their own mysteries in the virtual realm. The exploration of death and life, with some unknown mysteries and hang-on humor, makes the series much more enjoyable to watch. The only flaw of the series is the slower character-building moments that make you feel laggy.

Dead Boy Detectives Netflix

The series is completely based on the writing of Neil Gaiman, who released a DC comic with the same name. It was also created by Steve Youkey with similar casting as the comics. It is directed by Glen Winter, Andi Armaganian, Pete Chatmon, Cheryl Dunye, and Amanda Tapping. This series features George Rexstrew, Jayden Revri, Kassius Nelson, Briana Cuoco, and many others with outstanding performances.

This series has eight episodes in total, each lasting 50-60 minutes. Overall, it is the most promising horror comedy entertainer, with many hidden hints of the Sandman series.

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