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Ciaran Davies is a British Rugby player who became famous for participating in the Love Island UK 2024.


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Ciaran Mark Davies is a professional Rugby player and a surveyor from Pencoed, Wales. He is one of the Islanders from the Love Island UK 2024.

Did You Know?

  • Ciaran once said that he impersonated an ex-islander to get into a club. Unexpectedly, he was escorted to a private booth and offered free drinks.
  • In an interview with the filming crew, he stated that when he told his parents about his participation in the Love Island UK 2024, his mother got excited, but his father thought he was joking and said Yeah, Okay. This interview clip attracted a lot of attention from viewers.
  • Ciaran once broke his collarbone while playing Rugby; since then, he has been on the sideline.
  • He is a hardcore fan of David Attenborough.
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