Call Me Ullu Web Series (2024): Cast, Release Date

Call Me is the latest Hindi web series is now streaming online on the Ullu app.


Call Me Ullu

Call Me is a Ullu web series starring Shubhangi Sharma and Tripti Berra in the lead roles. All four episodes of this series were released on July 5, 2024, (Friday). You can watch the episodes of Call Me Part 1 on the ULLU website or app with a basic subscription.

The second part of the Call Me web series has also been released and is streaming online.



The story is about a married couple who lives in a small chawl house with their family. Due to their family’s financial issues, the wife was forced to take a job in a call centre. But everything starts going sideways when the wife gets attracted to modern life. What happens between the couple is the main crux.

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