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Andrea Lawful-Sanders confirmed that she asked pre-set question for Biden in his interview.


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Andrea Lawful-Sanders was a host of “The Source” at the WURD Radio Station (96.1 FN/900 AM) Pennsylvania. In an interview with CNN, Andrea Andrea admitted that she was given pre-selected questions by Joe Biden’s campaign to ask the former President before his presidential election. After the interview, Sara Lomax the CEO of WURD radio station and Andrea Lawful-Sanders have mutually agreed to part ways.

They also explained the reason behind their departure is that ‘WURD’ is the only African-American-owned radio station in Pennsylvania. Their pride is about being a trustworthy voice for the people but asking questions given to them ahead of time defeats the whole purpose. Since they have been cultivating the audience’s trust over the course of 20 years, this kind of action will cost them their listener’s trust. WURD Radio also mentioned that they will not be a mouthpiece for the Biden or any other administrators.

Did You Know?

  • Andrea has been working in the WURD for a long time. During her CNN interview, she admitted that she was given a set of 8 questions from Biden’s campaign and she used four of them in her actual interview.
  • She also admitted that the questions were sent to her for approval and she approved them without hesitation.


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Image Source: WURD Radio
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