Acapulco Season 3 (2024) On Apple TV Plus

On the success of two seasons, makers of Acapulco introduced its third season filled with hilarious humor and romance.



  • Jaime Camil and Cristo Fernandez made a special appearance.
  • In this season, Younger Maximo works with Don Pablo, and older Maximo returns to Las Colinas.

The popular bilingual TV series Acapulco came up with a new season which is set to be released on 1 May 2024. It is the original comedy series with hilarious moments of the character Maximo of two timelines. Directed by Jay Karas, the film was inspired from ‘How to Be a Latin Lover’ (2017). This series comes under the banner of Lionsgate Television, Zihuatanejo Productions, The Tannenbaum Company, and 3Pas Studios.

In the present story of Acapulco, the older Maximo returns to Las Colinas without his past memories. Meanwhile, the younger Maximo tries to climb the ladder of success potentially along with the Don Pablo Bonilla. So, this chapter would follow around the younger Maximo fixing the past mistakes and embracing the new beginning. Also, it returns back the humor and romance with an unpredictable story to engage the fans and audience.

How To Watch Acapulco Season 3 TV Series Online

You can watch the Acapulco Season 3 on the Apple TV+ Platform. For that, you need to install its application and purchase a subscription on your device. If you are in the geo-restricted region, use the VPN to stream the content. Additionally, you can also use the 7-day free trial of the Apple TV Plus to stream these exclusive episodes on your device.

Release Date

Release DateMay 1, 2024
Runtime30 – 45 minutes per episode (Not Confirmed)
LanguagesEnglish and Spanish
Censor CertificateU/A
BudgetYet to be updated
Satellite RightsYet to be updated


  • Eugenio Derbez as Maximo gallardo Ramos (present day)
  • Enrique Arrizon as Maximo Gallardo Ramos (1984)
  • Erick Saldana as Young Maximo Gallardo Ramos (1974)
  • Fernando Carsa as Memo
  • Damian Alcazar as Don Pablo
  • Camila Perez as Julia
  • Chord Overstreet as Chad
  • Vanessa Bauche as Nora
  • Regina Reynoso as Sara
  • Cristo Fernandez
  • Gabriela Milla
  • Raphael Alejandro as Hugo
  • Jessica Collins as Diane
  • Jaime Camil
  • Rafael Cebrian as Hector
  • Carlos Corona as Esteban
  • Regina Orozco as Lupe
Enrique Arrizon with Gabriela Milla photo


DirectorJay Karas
StoryEugenio Derbez
MusicNot Yet Announced
DOPEduardo Enrique MayƩn
Executive ProducersEugenio Derbez | Austin Winsberg | Chris Harris | Benjamin Odell
ProductionLionsgate Television | Zihuatanejo Productions | The Tannenbaum |3Pas Studios
Stunt MasterYet to be updated
Dance ChoreographyYet to be updated


The episode details of this TV series will be announced later.


OTTApple TV+
OTT Release DateMay 1, 2024
LanguageEnglish and Spanish

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