10 Best Comedy TV Series Of All Time (2024)

The 10 Best Comedy TV Series Of 2024 are as follow.


We have arrived only halfway through this year, but within this short span, we have witnessed many comedy TV series that will make you ROFL. There are several series released where some series were revived with a great gesture and others with the worst reviews. This made the series buff quite complicated to handpick the best one to watch. To sort it out, this blog has been packed with the 10 best Comedy TV series of all time, which was released recently.


Churchy has secured the top position in the 10 Best Comedy TV Series Of 2024. This is an amazing TV series covering the story of Corey Carr Jr. He goes to Lubbock, a place in Texas, and starts his own ministry after failing to get a head position in his dad’s church. In spite of thinking of his past, he goes to a new town and starts the ministry to prove himself to everyone.

DirectorKevin Fredericks
Release DateFebruary
WriterKevin Fredericks, Tony Winters, Angel Laketa Moore, Lexi Alles
ProducerBrely Evans
Richard A. Washinton
Production CompanyKOS Studios
CastTony Winters, Dinora Walcott, Angel Laketa Moore, Kevin Fredericks, Mark Hood, Anthony Elfonzia, Jonathan Slocumb
Streaming OTT PlatformBET+

One Day

One Day is a British romantic comedy TV series covering the relationship between Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley. They both knew that they would be going on different paths the next morning. Despite knowing this, they spent their short moments more happily while meeting each other for the graduation ceremony. This One Day is based on a novel called One Day that came to the public in 2011.

One Day
DirectorMolly Manners
Release Date8 February 2024
WriterDavid Nicholls
ProducerNiga Watson
Production CompanyDrama Republic
CastLeo Woodall, Ambika Mod, Brendan Quinn, Amber Grappy, Jonny Weldon, Essie Davis
Streaming PlatformNetflix


Ted (2024) is an outstanding comedy series featuring the life of a child with a teddy. The child opened his wish when the shooting star passed. As a result, the teddy gets life and continues the rest with the child. Ted TV series is crowned as the US’s biggest comedy show of all time.

DirectorSeth MacFarlane
Release DateJanuary 11, 2024
WriterSeth MacFarlane, Brad Walsh, Paul Corrigan
ProducerSeth MacFarlane
Production CompanyUniversal Content Productions, MRC, Fuzzy Door Productions
CastMax Burkholder, Seth MacFarlane, Scott Grimes, Alanna Ubach, Ara Hollyday, Liz Richman, Giorgia Whigham
SeasonSeason 1 Season 2
Episodes7 episodes 1 season, 1 episode in season 2
Streaming PlatformPeacock


Elsbeth is a crime and comedy-based TV series covering an interesting storyline of catching criminals. A lady named Elsbeth a working lawyer of NYPD, implies her tactics to solve cases. Here she used significant points to catch the criminals in New York City. This TV series has been nominated for the Monte-Carlo TV Festival.

DirectorRobert, Michelle King
Release DateFebruary 29, 2024
WriterRobert King and Michelle King
ProducerJonathan Tolins, Robert King, Liz Glotzer, Michelle King.
Production CompanyKingSize Productions, Nemorino Productions, CBS Studios
CastWendell Pierce, Carrie Preston, Carra Patterson, Danny McCarthy, Moly Price
SeasonSeason 1, Season 2
Episodes10 episodes in season 1, 1 episode in season 2
Streaming PlatformCBS

The Brothers Sun

The Brothers Sun is an inspired incident comedy TV series featuring family chemistry content. The story is about two brothers who rejoin and safeguard their family against unknown enemies. They protect their mother and younger brother from assassin gangs.

The Brothers Sun
DirectorKevin Tancharoen
Release DateJanuary 4, 2024
WriterBrad Falchuk, Byron Wu
ProducerJohn H. Radulovic, Kim M. Cybulski
Production CompanyBrad Falchuk Teley-Vision
CastJustin Chien, Sam Song Li, Michelle Yeoh, Joon Lee, Alice Hewkin, Jenny Yang
Streaming PlatformNetflix

The Vince Staples Show

The Vince Staples Show is an extraordinary comedy and biography-based TV series. It shows the real-life struggles of a person in his day-to-day life. The rapper Vince Staples featured in this series, showcasing the struggles he faced while surviving in his hometown.

10 Best Comedy TV Series Of 2024 -The Vince Staples Show
DirectorWiliam Stefan Smith, Ben Younger
Release DateFebruary 15, 2024
WriterVince Staples
ProducerKenya Barris
Production Company
CastVince Staples, Watts Homie Quan, Vanessa Bell, Andrea Ellsworth, Rick Ross, Myles Bullock
Streaming PlatformNetflix

A Killer Paradox

A Killer Paradox is a thriller cum comedy TV series and an original product of the Netflix platform. In this story, a pupil unknowingly killed a person and later disclosed that he was a serial killer. He recognizes that he has exceptional mastery in pinpointing the wrong people and punishing those persons.

A Killer Paradox
DirectorLee Chang-hee
Release Date9 February 2024
WriterLee Hee-joon, Kim Da-Min, Lee Chang-hee
ProducerJung Soo-jin, Kim Ji-yeon, Kim Soon-ho
Production CompanyShowbox, Let’s Film
CastSon Suk-ku, Lee Hee-joon, Choi Woo-sik, Hao Feng, Aria Song, Halley Kim
Streaming PlatformNetflix

Big Mood

Big Mood is in the 8th position on the Top 10 Comedy TV Series Of 2024 list. The Big Mood story covers the relationship of two best friends. Moreover, this British comedy TV series also focuses on the mental illness challenges faced by both best friends. They both tackled it wisely and gained their soothing relationship.

10 Best Comedy TV Series Of 2024 - Big Mood
DirectorRebecca Asher
Release DateMarch 28, 2024
WriterCamilla Whitehill
ProducerLaurence Bowen, Chris Carey
Production CompanyDancing Ledge Productions
CastLydia West, Robert Gilbert, Nicola Coughlan, Ukwelu Roach, Luke Fetherston, Skylar Betteridge
Streaming PlatformTubi


Boarders is a British comedy TV series covering an interesting story about 5 underprivileged students. Being black students, they won a scholarship at an elite school called St. Gilbert. So, they have to move towards the urban city to board the school. The city they are going to stay in is filled with class, money, race, and more discrimination factors.

DirectorJoelle David, Sarmad Masud
Release DateFebruary 20, 2024
WriterDaniel Lawrence Taylor
ProducerDaniel Lawrence Taylor, Susan Hogg, Ayela Butt
Production CompanyStudio Lambert
CastJodie Campbell, Myles Kamwendo, Sekou Diaby, Josg Tedeku, Aruna Jalloh
Streaming PlatformBBC Three

Chicken Nugget

Chicken Nugget is ranked 10th among the best comedy TV series of 2024. It is a mystery-based comic drama about a father’s struggles. The daughter unknowingly gets into a mysterious machine and emerges as a chicken nugget. Along with the father, the company president joins to recover the daughter.

10 Best Comedy TV Series Of 2024 - Chicken Nugget
DirectorLee Byeong-heon
Release DateMarch 15, 2024
WriterLee Byeong-heon
ProducerKwon mi-Kyung
Production CompanyStudio N, Plus Media Entertainment
CastAhn Jae-hong, Kim Yoo-jung, Ryu Seung-ryong
Streaming PlatformNetflix
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